Friday, November 8, 2013

Profiles in Schopenhauer: Rebecca Rodriguez and Kyle Colter

Sketches of the cast and crew of Cangue League's upcoming avant-garde opera, "The Death of Schopenhauer"

Most of Cangue League is made up of musicians of one sort or another and today's two featured artists are no exception.

Rebecca Rodriguez has played with some very popular local bands such as Corcavado, The Tiger Passion and The Icicles whose music was featured on a couple national tv spots.  Currently this active mother of two is working with a new band called Telemission. Her husband, James created with his brother the indie avant-garde music label, Elsie and Jack.  James created the very first sounds that a Cangue League audience had heard for our first show, "Flowers" with a layered/sound audio piece using a line read by Alida Perrine.  Rebecca was one of the first members of the "orchestra". Here she is playing in "Skwert of Blud".
For "The Death of Schopenhauer" Ms. Rodriguez created the various musical mood pieces.  The show's director (Gary Perrine) insisted on the guitar being the only traditional instrument. As our dear friend Herr Bach is accused of saying, "The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself." Augmenting her classical guitar will be a selection of acoustic noise devices such as a cannon ball on a car wheel and a bucket of gravel and a shovel to name a few. Here she is performing "Ball and Chain" with Gary Perrine where the seed-filled ball was used to reverberate the strings.
Next up is another guitarist, Kyle Colter. Of course, those familiar with Kyle's work know that he also plays, the trombone, thermin and didgeridoo. When Kyle isn't slinging booze at The Meanwhile you can catch him having fun with the Pistolbrides, the psych-surf-experimental rockers. Kyle joined Cangue League for the "Revolutions" show. Here he is as a dead box person from "LTD".

 Kyle is also an original member of Sean Kenny's brain child, "Parade Parade!" where the weirdos in the city have a parade for no goddam reason whatsoever. Watch for a line of locals marching to their own beat and feel free to join in. Looks like fun, doesn't it?
For "Schopenhauer" Mr. Colter will play multiple roles including, Sound, Stage Hand and Cedric The Entertainer! The resemblance is uncanny!

"The Death of Schopenhauer" will be performed Nov. 14th, 15th &16th at Dog Story Theater. Doors open at 7:30  Show starts at 8:00

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