Monday, April 16, 2012

Cangue League Orchestra at Pyramid Scheme April 20th!

CLO members: Mike Saunders, Hugo Claudin, Rebecca Rodriguez, Mickey Mackenzie, Kyle Colter and Gary Perrine.

Cangue League Orchestra will join Spydre Murphy, Jake Stilson, Bearcat, Faux Fur & The Extra Texture and Petals Rang the Bell in a fundraiser to support the decriminalization of Marijuana laws in Grand Rapids, MI.  This will be Cangue League Orchestra's first appearance at the Scheme and has all the makings of a great show. For half a sawbuck ($5) you could do a lot worse.  The music and chatter starts at 9:00pm and the doors open sometime before that.

In 2010, 750,591 Marijuana possession arrests were made in the US. In Michigan in 2002, 17,708. In Kent County, 1507.  Even if there were no arrests it is still absurd that marijuana carries such a steep punishment.

Cangue League Orchestra is in the process of recording vibrations unusual. Maybe you will buy it at Vertigo.  Remember: April 21st is National Record Day!