Monday, March 14, 2011

past + future

"The idea was for everyone to be treated like flowers, without punishment when they did badly, without praise when they did well. Things didn't work out."

We wanted to see if there was any interest in avant-garde theater in GR with our first production, "Flowers". It was a reasonable assumption that there was indeed.  After all, Hugo Claudin had been hosting avant bands at Mexicains Sans Frontieres for quite some time and a lot of the art in GR leans that way. Thanks to the people that came out. Below is contact info to participate in our next show.

Thanks to Eric Tank for documenting "Flowers".  We did get a lot of positive feedback for the band's set. Our tune "Bowls" with Wil Lucy, Mike Saunders, Hugo Claudin and Gary Perrine using marbles acoustically whilst Rebecca Rodriguez worked the melody on her classical guitar was received well.

Katherine Marty lit up the stage. I don't think I've ever worked with a pure theater person until Katherine. Her poetry was engaging, challenging and thought provoking.

Unfortunately there aren't any stills of Wil Lucy in Filters: Love. He brought deeper dimension to a simple piece.

Ben Scott-Brandt sat in for Gary Perrine on Friday in Spot-Light-Vast-Dark and LTD (above). Bobbie Gilbert and Mike Saunders appear as Box People.

Here The Noble Blue and Hugo Claudin color some
16mm clear leader for the performance piece Communion.
Review in the Rapidian!

We are planning our next show for June.  Any of you that would like to submit any 'stage actions', poetry, music, film, video, performance art or installations contact Gary Perrine. email:  FB: cangue league.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Invasion of the Box People!

FLOWERS is on your heals!  Less than one week and Cangue League will invade your psyche. 

Eric Tank will document it.

The Cangue League Orchestra is our soundtrack.  

Dog Story Theater is our venue.

The miasma of the universe is our milieu.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Poster Has Arrived

Comic Book Artist / Graphic Novelist / Social Critic: Nate Neal lent his talented hands and twisted mind to the "Flowers" poster.  Contact Gary Perrine for a photo quality 11 x 17 copy for only $2.00! Wow! Support the Cangue League by buying some of our junk like the cool posters, "cangue" dictionary pin back badges, T-shirts, etc. or coming to the performance March 3rd, 4th or 5th 7:30 pm at Dog Story Theater. They are just south of Fulton St. next to the Chinese restaurant. Yow!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Infamous Link Post!

 Cangue League is benefiting from a diverse and amazing group of forward thinking artists.  Witness these intricate drawings donated by Ted Klug to the "Flowers" project.  You may have heard him do some interesting stuff  with James Rodriguez on their "Monera" cds.  Check out Elsie and Jack for some nice vibrations.

The first cat to join the Cangue League Orchestra (CLO) was Mike Saunders from the experimental / psychedelic band Moss Folk and of Chance Jones fame.

  Next is Hugo Claudin, creator of Mexicains Sans Frontieres the venue for music with new ideas whilst being percussionist for many groups, most recently- The Fainting Generals.

Wil Lucy joins us with his melodica and banjo that he claims he can play simultaneously!  He basses for Semi-Casual Bedtime. His day job is with the Skywalk Deli who without hesitation let me have their empty cans.

Rebecca Rodriguez has played mucho musica around town as a soloist and with bands such as The Tiger Passion and now with The Icicles.

 Nate Neal, who has just had his graphic novel, Sanctuary published by Fantaghaphics is providing art work to our little show the first week-end in March.

 DAST the aural abstractionists in town will perform with a Stan Brakhage film playing in "Flowers" on Saturday night only !
Thursday and Friday night The CLO will provide the live score to Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon".

Poet / Writer / Performance Artist Katherine Marty will perform two of her spoken word pieces with the incomparable CLO providing some aural assistance.

Filling in on Friday night in two of the theater pieces is Ben Scott-Brandt, a musician of note currently with Ribbons of Song.

 You, the audience will color and draw and write on some 16mm clear leader in the lobby of Dog Story Theater that will be used in a performance piece entitle "Communion".

We'll tell you about other talented Grand Rapidians that are joining the League in the future.

We're just starting, but we want to continue to bring alternative theater to the area.  See you March, 3,4,5 Downtown GR.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cangue League presents "FLOWERS"

We will have Stan after all!  DAST will play on Saturday night in front of a Stan Brakhage film!

Thursday and Friday The Cangue League Orchestra will provide the score for Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon".

 There will be a handful of stage actions by Gary Perrine.  The night will start with you drawing on clear 16mm film which will be used in the final performance piece.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dirt & Fertilizer

Cangue League Performance is building momentum.  We are happy, but not too surprised that there is great interest in a regularly performing avant-garde troupe in Grand Rapids.  Be a part of the part of GR that makes our inaugural production, "Flowers", a success.  Either email: cangueleague@gmail or Facebook: Cangue League or pull Gary Perrine (above) aside...
We are still looking for material with which we can stitch together our front curtain.  Please donate your old shirts and pants and jackets and house coats and apartment coats and...

Speaking of donating, notice our humble plea for assistance over there on the right. Each press on the paypal button is set for $10.  Not too painful, we hope.  Our goal is to set up a non-profit so that we can be eligible for grant funds, but we need to show them what we can do.  Help if you can.  Thanks, Gary

Friday, January 7, 2011

Maya Deren Tribute

The performances on March 3rd, 4th and 5th at Dog Story Theater will be dedicated to Maya Deren's work.  We hope to exhibit her short film Meshes of the Afternoon.  Our desires to show a Stan Brakhage film withered as the expense grew.  Maybe next time.

ALSO- Threaded through the night's performance will be, Confession.  An interesting piece where the audience hears a series of actors' "confessions".