Thursday, April 30, 2015

They Said It wouldn't Last

Almost six years ago in the Fall of 2009 Cangue League spread its wings and paddled up the creek of alternative theater.  Artists of every stripe came together for no other reason than to perform with the hopes that we'd find a niche in the heart of conservative Michigan.

We always include the audience as participators. In our first show, Flowers, as the audience entered the theater they were encouraged to color a length of clear 16mm film that was later projected then cut into pieces for the audience to take home.

Also from Flowers, three audience members were recruited to "fill in" for some "missing" actors.

In Revolutions, they spun a marble in a large tin can around a lit candle to accompany the Cangue League Orchestra as the lights were dimmed.

In our latest piece, The Death of Schopenhauer, Gary Perrine read a piece on art vs. the artist written by Arthur Schopenhauer while audience members echoed the word that was written on a piece of paper for them before the show.

With various artists from the community Cangue League is persevering on with a planned show this fall and a film in the works!  These are exciting times.  Enjoy a sampling from our second show Revolutions.


We Did It

20 Poems of Love and One AK-47

Cangue League Orchestra