Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Want Want Lovely Play

Lake Effect Fringe Fest

Cangue League invades local theater sampler!

Lake Effect Fringe Fest is a festival of local theater groups performing in a two week period to heighten awareness for the various groups.

February 11th & 12th Cangue League will put up another full 90 minutes of contemplative, challenging, provocative and entertaining avant-garde theater pieces.  Besides using a different set of lenses to spy on familiar ideas and attempting to verbalize new perspectives we consider our job incomplete if we don't incorporate the audience, if only to hold a noisy candle.

In "Flowers", our very first show, we invited our guests as they entered the lobby of Dog Story Theater to help colour a section of clear 16mm film. Some chose to memorialize their moniker while others used a more abstract pen coloring random (seemingly) lines and splotches of many hues.  At the very end of our performances I enlightened the crowd as to the title of the piece that they participated in - "Communion".  After projecting our cameraless film I cut it into 3 or 4 frame snippets depositing each clip into an envelope marked "Communion" and distributed it amongst the audience.  We could all meet on a future date and splice it back together, to rejoin  for another screening.  We will do "Communion II" for Fringe Fest but with an additional twist. Come commune with us!

For our second show, "Revolutions", we decided to incorporate the audience in one of the renown Cangue League Orchestra's seminal compositions. The Orchestra employs marbles in bowls to create a mesmerizing whirl of sound as a basis for some of the musicians more exotic vibrations.  The twist was that each audience member was handed a can with a marble with a candle inside.  As the music swelled our grand media tech, Josh Dunigan slowly lowered the theater lights until we witnessed only a glow from each seat in the room.  It was beautiful.


Whispered Consuela in the Dark

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Technicolor Yawn avant-garde dinner theater

This Saturday expand your horizons with the enigmatic Cangue League! As usual we'll serve you the unusual as our troupe sings, dances, acts and asks questions, but the added ploy is that we'll feed you various courses of edibles while feeding you various ideas of existential fare.

If you interest is piqued, go to that PayPal button in the upper right corner that allows you to choose Single $15 or Couple $25 (Deal!) and we will send you an email asking your choice of Meat or Vegetarian.

This is our most ambitious attempt at turning GR's head around. Hugo Caudin's - "Atomic Bongos", Katherine Marty's -  "Alone With Doris", Chris Eddy's - "Carcosa In Sesame", Don Mangione's video - "Presence", Gary Perrine's - "Just A Gig"

Starring: Mary Brandt, Molly Zigler, Kyle Colter, Katherine Marty, Chris Eddy, Hugo Claudin, Gary Perrine, Bobbie Gilbert and others...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Technicolor Yawn

avant-garde dinner theatre - Saturday, November 3rd


 Cangue League will present it's latest offering, "Technicolor Yawn," an event that will pair avant-garde theater with a multi-course meal. Six authors will collaborate with local chefs to create edible counterparts to their pieces. Participating artists will include founder, Gary Perrine, Kyle Colter of local indie rock darlings Pistolbrides, Katherine Marty of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, art superstar Hugo Claudin, Mary Brandt great local thespian and many leading lights of the Grand Rapids art scene. Musical accompaniment will be provided by the Cangue Leauge Orchestra, who will present a short concert after the dinner. 

Cangue League is an organization of like-minded collaborators, representing many different artistic disciplines who come together periodically to present avant-garde cabaret events. The cooperatively run theater troupe seeks to challenge and inspire audiences through performances of original plays and music.

Technicloor Yawn will be performed at Hugo Claudin's popular jazz venue, Mexicans Sans Frontieres, 120 S. Division. Prices for the performance and dinner will be $15 each, $25 per couple, $5 for post show music performance only. Tickets can be purchased with credit card at the upper right through PayPal or Cash at the door.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cangue League Orchestra at Pyramid Scheme April 20th!

CLO members: Mike Saunders, Hugo Claudin, Rebecca Rodriguez, Mickey Mackenzie, Kyle Colter and Gary Perrine.

Cangue League Orchestra will join Spydre Murphy, Jake Stilson, Bearcat, Faux Fur & The Extra Texture and Petals Rang the Bell in a fundraiser to support the decriminalization of Marijuana laws in Grand Rapids, MI.  This will be Cangue League Orchestra's first appearance at the Scheme and has all the makings of a great show. For half a sawbuck ($5) you could do a lot worse.  The music and chatter starts at 9:00pm and the doors open sometime before that.

In 2010, 750,591 Marijuana possession arrests were made in the US. In Michigan in 2002, 17,708. In Kent County, 1507.  Even if there were no arrests it is still absurd that marijuana carries such a steep punishment.

Cangue League Orchestra is in the process of recording vibrations unusual. Maybe you will buy it at Vertigo.  Remember: April 21st is National Record Day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Skwert of Blud

March 1, 2, 3 (Thurs., Fri., Sat.) at Dog Story Theater (7 Jefferson) 
Doors: 7:30 Show 8:00 $10

Skwert of Blud is an amalgam of seemingly disparate performance pieces and probably are. The anchor play is a version of Antonin Artaud's "Jet of Blood" written in 1925 and still seems as fresh today as it did then. Cangue League's Skwert of Blud features Josh Burge, Mary Brandt, Kyle Colter, Katherine Marty, Bobbie Gilbert, Don Mangione and Hugo Claudin as the Priest!

Also we have Katherine Marty doing a presentation of one of her monologues.  Don Mangione will show another de-re-constructed russian video with music by Mike Saunders.

Cangue League will reprise the popular LTD.
"LTD" from "Flowers" with Katherine Marty, (left) Ben Brandt (center) and Mike Saunders

Our most experimental pieces, Stand-up Tragedy, will run throughout the night where Josh Burge, Katherine Marty and Gary Perrine will take turns trying to make you cry. PLUS! Surprises!  

Once again Nate Neal did our poster art. We are grateful to everyone that contributes. Certainly the actors receive immediate gratification through your applause but Nate is one of the many behind-the-scenes Cangue Leaguers that merely gets a pat on the back and a swig of bourbon. Thanks, Nate. 

New this time behind the curtain helping things run smoothly is Amanda Mitchell. Welcome Amanda.

Naturalment - Cangue League Orchestra will do their thing with new pieces by Rebecca Rodriguez and Hugo Claudin with assistance from fellow orchestra members, Mike Saunders, Micky Mackenzie, Kyle Colter and Gary Perrine.

 Come join us for some weird fun March 1st, 2nd or 3rd (Thur.,Fri., or Sat.) Doors: 7:30 Show 8:00 $10
You can order online at dogstorytheater.com. Ciao!