Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Technicolor Yawn avant-garde dinner theater

This Saturday expand your horizons with the enigmatic Cangue League! As usual we'll serve you the unusual as our troupe sings, dances, acts and asks questions, but the added ploy is that we'll feed you various courses of edibles while feeding you various ideas of existential fare.

If you interest is piqued, go to that PayPal button in the upper right corner that allows you to choose Single $15 or Couple $25 (Deal!) and we will send you an email asking your choice of Meat or Vegetarian.

This is our most ambitious attempt at turning GR's head around. Hugo Caudin's - "Atomic Bongos", Katherine Marty's -  "Alone With Doris", Chris Eddy's - "Carcosa In Sesame", Don Mangione's video - "Presence", Gary Perrine's - "Just A Gig"

Starring: Mary Brandt, Molly Zigler, Kyle Colter, Katherine Marty, Chris Eddy, Hugo Claudin, Gary Perrine, Bobbie Gilbert and others...