Monday, November 11, 2013

Profiles in Schopenhauer: Molly Zigler and Joshua Burge

This is part of the ongoing series that profiles a couple cast members in Cangue League's upcoming production of "The Death of Schopenhauer."

First on the docket is one of our newer members, Molly Zigler! Ms. Zigler has been with us since "Technicolor Yawn" where she played Richard Feynman's wife opposite Gary Perrine who played the unconventional theoretical physicist in Hugo Claudin's "Atomic Bongos."  Here she is coloring some clear 16mm film in Dog Story's lobby for an audience [and cast] participation piece.
Molly returned for "Want Want Lovely Play," Cangue League's entry into the Lake Effect Fringe Festival.  Among other things, she was an unfortunate passenger in a car with O. J. Simpson and Richard Nixon in "We Did It."  Here she is in that piece as O. J. operates the vehicle in an inappropriate manner.
 In "Schopenhauer" Ms. Zigler plays Andrew Dice Clay, a sock and... well, that's a surprise.

Next up is Joshua Burge, a multi-talented force in GR. He's a singer-songwriter for his alter ego's band, Chance Jones.  Mr. Burge spent a lot of the last year promoting Joel Potroykus' first feature film, APE, a film that follows the hapless exploits of a not-so-funny stand-up comedian with Faustian tendencies. Josh first joined us for our second show, "Revolutions." Here he is playing Thelonious Monk aping Satchmo in the original "We Did It".
In "Regime Change" with Mary Brandt their worlds flip into fantasy and culminates with him giviing birth to bananas and money. In "Skwert of Blud" he played Young Man in Antonin Artaud's absurd play written 100 years ago that started the avant-garde theater movement.  On the right Young Man is being strangled by the Priest played by Hugo Claudin.

Even though "The Death of Schopenhauer" is an ensemble piece, Joshua Burge shoulders the burden of Arthur, the main character that is given a lesson in compromise good and hard!

Join us Nov. 14th, 15th or 16th at Dog Story Theater for "The Death of Schopenhauer", Cangue League's first avant-garde opera!

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