Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday & Tuesday!

Want Want Lovely Play

Dog Story Theater

Lake Effect Fringe Festival

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Cangue League will be kicking up winter with their usual spices of unusual pieces.  CLO (Cangue League Orchestra) will do a set smack dab in the middle of the show. Watch for Rebecca Rodriguez and Gary Perrine to take the stage for their world famous "Ball and Chain" act!

Mexican soap operas, wild rides in the dessert with celebrities, people that aren't flowers, musicians that are and an old fashion film made by You!

It's all part of the odd fun from your friends at Cangue League on Monday February 11th and Tuesday February 12th at Dog Story Theater at 8:00pm!

Want Want Lovely Play is Cangue League's entry in the first annual Lake Effect Fringe Festival.

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